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World-News and the Stars - Important MARKET-Update (July/18_2013)

Important Market-Update

As predicted in my JULY forecast (HERE – english version), the great 
JUPITER-SATURN-NEPTUNE Trine (which was activated around JUNE/26_2013 by the SUN and later/now by MARS) moved the world-indices hefty to the NORTH - especially the DOW and the S & P in the United States.
- But also Mr. DAX and Mr. SMI and many others...

Here follows an extract of my July Forecast:

The big JUPITER-SATURN-NEPTUN Trine might work in JULY - but from JULY/ 20 the big MARS-JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO Square should be of stronger/bigger DOMINANCE...

I like to admit, that the sharp rise in the DOW and S & P since around JULY/05 astonished me a bit because it also looked like some couple of days ago, as if the MAY-peak will be outperformed...

But 2-4 facts will probably prevent a new high by a hair‘s breadth:

1) MARS is only going to activate the Trine between the mentioned JUPITER-SATURN-NEPTUNE combination til JUL/22_2013… and from THEN ON on it’s way to activate the URANUS-PLUTO  Square.

2) On JUL/22_2013 there will also be a FULLMOON (which is quite likely to act as a TRENDCHANGER, too…)

3) MERCURY is right at the moment more or less STANDING STILL - and will become on SA/JUL/20_2013 direct again. AND is at the same time activating URANUS and PLUTO via quare/90° and Opposition/180°…
(another possible TRENDCHANGER…)

4) My ZIG-ZAG-Indicator with a Factor 14 (also called ‚ZIGGY' by me...) shows STILL a DOWNTREND in the DOW and S&P – and most others – while Mr. GOLDIE is still in a ‚ZIGGY-UPTREND‘...


I CAN’T GUARANTEE that prices won’t go up anymore – although it would baffle me quite a bit… ;-)

My Forecast: 
From TODAY ON (JUL/18_2013) til latest JUL/26_2013 it‘s quite likely to GO SOUTHWARDS...

Stay tuned and with my best wishes! 


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