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World-News and the Planets - Will the ROYAL BABY be born on JULY_14_2013 AFTER 08.40 AM BST ?? (around 11.40 AM BST ???)

(Born on JULY,14/2013 around 11.40 UT?)

(written and published on JULY,09 between 14.00 - 15.30 in Basel/Switzerland.)

I try to do a forecast for the BIRTH of 'ROYAL BABY' of Kate and William.
I will keep it KISS. (Keep It Straight n Simple...)


Prince William - Duke of Cambridge - was born:
JUNE, 21/1982 at 21.03 (09.03 PM) BST in London/England/UK
(Time is rated AA! Lady Diana - his mother - was interested in astrology.)
Position of his most personal 'points' are:

Ascendant:   27°30' SAGITTARIUS (NEPTUNE at Ascendant)
Midheaven:  02°28' SCORPIO (JUPITER culminating!)
Moon:          04°57' CANCER (NEWMOON! well positioned to JUPITER at MC!)
Sun:            00°06' CANCER (NEWMOON! well positioned to JUPITER at MC!)

Kate Middleton - Duchesse of Cambridge - was born
JANUARY, 09/1982 at 12.00 (12.00 PM) UT in Reading/England/UK
(Day and Place are for sure - Birth TIME is rated DD - Dirty Data. Meaning TIME is probably not correct...
But I think JUPITER placed in her 7. house fits very well; meaning often that one marries 'into higher status'. I rectified her birthTIME to 11.53 AM...)

Ascendant:   05°40' TAURUS (JUPITER setting!)
Midheaven:  14°40' CAPRICORN (SUN culminating!)
Moon:          14°16' CANCER (FULLMOON! Moon anti-culminating!)
Sun:             18°53' CAPRICORN (FULLMOON! Sun culminating!)

'ROYAL BABY' will most likely come to Planet Earth:

JULY,14/2013 around 11.40 UT


- Kate/Mom has a MOON-MARS aspect in her horoscope. She also has a DOMINANT Jupiter at 07° Scorpio - it was setting when she was born.
She has MOON in the sign of CANCER.

- William/Daddy has his SUN and MOON between 0-5° CANCER. He has ALSO a DOMINANT Jupiter, because it  was 'over his head when he was born. AND - probably most important - Pa has also a MOON-MARS Square like Ma does!

(Also BOTH parents have do have MARS in LIBRA...)

If 'ROYAL BABY' comes on Planet EARTH on JULY,14/2013 around 11.40 AM in London/UK the newborn will have:

1) MOON in LIBRA will be squaring MARS in CANCER on 14. July! - in conjunction to JUPITER...
- So therefore 'ROYAL BABY' will have the same MOON-MARS aspect as Ma and PA do have - also Jupiter will be strong - especially if ROYAL BABE will be born around 11.40 - having then JUPITER CULMINATING as his/her PAPA has too...

2) The MARS-JUPITER conjunction will sit directly on Pa's SUN and MOON (Newmoon) AND making a positive aspect (trining/120°) to hiss Jupiter!

3) The MARS-JUPITER-MOON aspect will also stay positively to Ma's Ascendant and Jupiter!

We will see, Folks...

Stay tuned - Tibor Bugetty, Chief of the Astrosoup-Kitchenette.


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