Montag, 15. Juli 2013

World-News and the Planets - Will 'ROYAL BABE' be born JULY/16_2013 OR JULY/21_2013?

(PART 2)

(Born on JULY,16/2013 around 19.28 UT?
JULY,21/2013 around 11.48 UT?)

Okay - 'Royal Babe' didn't land on 14th - or they didn't TELL us til now... ;-)
We will hear/see...

My latest forecast is:

JULY/16 2013 at 19.28? 
(JU at DSC, ASC in SAGITTARIUS - as PA has, MOON in SCORPIO - 120 to MARS + JUPITER.... - same place as PA has JUPITER...)


JULY/21 2013 at 11.48?
(JU at MC like PA has, MOON in CAPRICORN as MA has her SUN. MOON 180 to MARS and JUPITER...)

As you see - I stick with my MOON-MARS aspects; as BOTH parents do have them...

GOOD LUCK fantastic Tibor!



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