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World-News and the Planets - Market-Update for S&P500 & GOLD for JULY, 05/2013

Market-Update JULY, 25/2013

Mr. GOLDIE is now since ONE MONTH in a stable UP-TREND.

Astrologically this was connected with the TRINE (120°) of SATURN and NEPTUNE, which was activated by the SUN around JUNE/26 - also via a TRINE! (So we had a GRAND TRINE in the heaven)
In the month of July JUPITER did the VERY SAME what the SUN did end of June - later MARS repeated what the SUN and JUPTER did...

Techinically: My ZIGGY 14 is for Mr. GOLDIE still in a stable UPTREND!

This week Mr. GOLDIE did even a Super-Run towards north and it made a breakthrough from the level of the LOW from APRIL (12/15) UPWARDS - first time since June/20!...

MY FORECAST: It looks pretty well for Mr. GOLDIE in a near and middle timeframe!...

S&P 500:
Also since June 24/26 in an UPTREND - with a new ALL-TIME-HIGH around July/18 to 23!
Astrologically the very same apects are responsible than ith Mr. GOLDIE!
(As I've written in my JULY-Forecast - although the strong and 'determined' Run has indeed astounded me a bit...)

- But since 07/23 it looks like the S&P is 'getting weak' - I've 'predicted' this also in my JULY-Forecast... 

MY FORECAST: Mars has ended its Conjunction with JUPITER and also all TRINES (120°) to SATURN and NEPTUNE - and is now straight on its way into a OPPOSITION to PLUTO (exact on SA/27) and then going to make a SQUARE to URANUS... (exact on July/31 and August/01)
Becaus July/27 will be a SATURDAY, the effect of the Mars-Pluto aspect will show up either on FRIDAY/26 OR on MONDAY/29.
IF it will have an effect - but I am assuming this strongly!... 

All the be(s)t! ;-)

(Disclaimer: This article is not an advice or a recommendation to trade stocks or whatever! It's purely educational material.)

Thanx - Tibor Bugetty.


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