Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

S&P Worldnews: NEWMOON in Sagittarius (03-DEC-2013)

(= SUN on 10°59' Sagittarius & MOON on 10°59' Sagittarius)

Today we have a NEWMOON in the sign of SAGITTARIUS - and this Newmoon is again activating the URANUS-PLUTO Square - via Trine/120° to URANUS and via Semisextile/30° to PLUTO....

I have written about this coming Newmoon in my FORECAST for DECEMBER 2013 & Part 2.

But the coming JUPITER-SATURN Trine/120° which will be exact on 13-DEC-2013 isn't really showing its effect until now...

It looks like since 28/29-NOV-2013 fast-moving MERCURY is 'disturbing' the impact of the Jupiter-Saturn Trine/120°...
Planet Mercury is' since 28-NOV in tenseful connection to the turbulent URANUS-PLUTO Square (90°) via 45° to Pluto and 135° to Uranus...

- We have since then way more ACCIDENTS and RIOTS:

* FR/29-NOV-2013
Passagierflugzeug aus Mosambik abgestürzt: 33 Tote | tagesschau.de:
Hubschrauberabsturz in Glasgow
And of course the rather unexpected and very hefty Riots in the UKRAINE and THAILAND...

Anyway: It is still possible that from TODAY on things might turn better, because from tomorrow on (04-DEC-2013) MERCURY will end it's aspects to the Uranus-Pluto Square.

We will see...
If the Jupiter-Saturn Trine/120° (under the stronger impact of the Uranus-Pluto Square!) cannot manifest itself, it highly likely means that the 'special times' I've written about in my Forecast for December 2013 will actually be active for 5 MONTHS and NOT for 4!...
(Remember: from latest CHRISTMAS on til end of APR-2014 we should see 'heavy turbulences' because of the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square)

And: NO, I don't think it will be the 'end of the world'... ☺

Following are the horoscopes of the NEWMOON in 2 variations:
One with aspects to ONLY the NEWMOON and ONE with ALL aspects between all planets...



(ONLY Aspects to Newmoon)

(ALL Aspects between ALL Planets)

Have a nice one!

Til soon,

Tibor Bugetty - FAC  (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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