Samstag, 21. Dezember 2013

S+P Worldnews: - Don't trust Vladdy PUTIN - the Ex-SPION! ONE free (Khodorkovsky) - another BEHIND BARS (Witishko) ! (via Spiegel Online)


Vladimir PUTIN is a LIAR - he has a SUN-MERCURY-NEPTUNE Conjunction in his 12. house and he has PLUTO at his MC/ squaring JUPITER in his 7. house...

That's telling us enough...
And IF that isn't enough for you - don't forget: HE IS AN EX-SPION!!!!
(Spions NEED both - a strong NEPTUNE and a strong PLUTO... - HE HAS BOTH)

Do you REALLY THINK Spions TELL the TRUTH??!
Isn't actually the word SPION another word for LIAR?

Exactly... You're right, boy!

So DON'T BE IMPRESSED with the sudden and unexpected release of KHODORKOVSKY - Putin did it because he hopes it will HELP PUTIN!
And because he did everything in advance, so that Khodorkovsky never can be come a 'threat' for him again..
(Khodorkovsky has nearly NO MONIES anymore - although he once was the RICHEST MAN OF RUSSIA - one wonders WHERE it went - well I could actually tell you... )

So Putin let Khodorkovsky free: (in german)
Michail Chodorkowski: Genschers Rolle im Poker um die Freilassung - SPIEGEL ONLINE:

But at the VERY SAME DAY!!! you/one can read, that he imprisoned another one!
(Here is more - in german)
Sotschi: Olympia-Kritiker Witischko zu Haftstrafe verurteilt - SPIEGEL ONLINE :

Here is a good report WHY he did this action: (in german)
Kommentar: Putins Gnade soll Sotschi retten |

What a CHEAP FART this is...(and a rather obvious one).

Have a nice time!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrology Creator)

Vladimir '1984' PUTIN
(Ex-KGB-Spion and Stalin-Fan)

(In his Russian-NRSA)
(Short for: RussianNationalSecurityAgency-Office)


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