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S+P Worldnews: 86th Birthday of the KING OF THAILAND and his Horoscope (He is the LONGEST current reigning Monarch of todays World)


HRM King BHUMIPOL ADULYADEJ of THAILAND became 86 years today

The KIng of Thailand is the current Monarch of the whole Planet with the LONGEST REIGN: 67 years, 179 days!
(Queen Elizabeth II. of the UK is the Monarch with the SECOND longest reign)

If you need more proof about this fact check here:

He was born 05-DEC-1927 in Cambridge/MA in the USA around 08.45 AM (08h45m) and is therefore a SAGITTARIUS with CAPRICORN RISING.

- Following are his Horoscopes:

King Bhumipol's 'REAL' Horoscope - Planet VENUS and MOON most important.
(These 2 Planets of the KIng are favorably placed to the SUN of Thailand at 0-1° Cancer! Quite likely meaning that the KING is 'GOOD' for Thailand...) 

This is the King's Horoscope RELOCATED for BANGKOK - where he WASN'T born, but WHERE he LIVES since many-many years - we can see that ALSO in this Chart VENUS and MOON are prominent!
(Interestingly the OPPOSITE way around!...)

King BHUMIPOL of Thailand & his wife Queen SIRIKIT of Thailand
(some time ago...50ies or early 60ies?) ☺

(LIFE Magazine - 50ies?)

HRM King Bhumipol Adulyadej of Thailand
(Foto 2010?)

HRM the King of Thailand with Queen Sirikit
(Foto 2010?)

HRM King Bhumipol of Thailand
(around 2010?)

Long live the King of Thailand - hopefully another 10 YEARS!

Cheers and all the best,
Tibor Bugetty/FRAC (Fine Royal Astrosoup Creator)

More about the Life of the King of Thailand:

- More about recent events regarding Thailand:
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