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S+P Worldnews: MARS staying for nearly 8 MONTHS! in the sign of LIBRA and why this is likley to be STRESSFUL...

MARS stays from 07-DEC-2013 until 26-JUL-2014 in LIBRA!

- Which is in fact for NEARLY 8 MONTHS!

MARS - Ruler of ACTION, ENERGY, ASSERTIVENESS and FIGHTS/WAR - is going to enter today the sign of LIBRA - either on 07/08-DEC-2013.
(Depending WHERE you live/stay)

It will stay there for nearly 8 MONTHS because it will go RETROGRADE on 01-MAR-2014, then on 20-MAY-2014 turn DIRECT again and will leave the sign of LIBRA for SCORPIO on 26-JUL-2014...
- This is a timespan of 7 months and a nearly 3 weeks or 231 days!
(Usually Mars moves through a sign between 50-60 days - but NOT if it turns RETRO as it is doing while it will be in LIBRA. As an example: Mars changed it's sign form LEO to VIRGO on 15-OCT-2013 and will do it again on 07-DEC-2013  - these are/were exactly 53 days...)

Now, one might think - SO WHAT?
(And there is some truth in it - it isn't BAD that MARS will stay nearly 8 months in LIBRA, but WHAT really isn't so JOYFUL, is that it will of course activate the (JUPITER-)URANUS-PLUTO Square SEVERAL TIMES while it is located in Libra!...

First in WORDS - then in PICTURES:

Quite soon after belligerent and vigorous MARS has entered LIBRA it is coming into a OPPOSITION/180° to erratic and eccentric URANUS, then shortly thereafter froming a SQUARE/90° to determined and power-hungry PLUTO... Mars will turn direction at the end of FEB-2014 and will do the SAME again; then change it's direction a third time and do the same aspects a THIRD TIME - until the END OF JUNE 2014.

Here are the (exact) DATES (but remember to watch for events up to 7 days BEFORE and often also AFTER the exact aspect!):

* 07/08-DEC-2013 =                       MARS enters LIBRA
* 18-DEC-2013=                             (URANUS turns DIRECT)  
* 24/25-DEC-2013 =                       MARS OPPOSITION/180° URANUS
* 31/01-DEC/JAN 2013/14 =          MARS SQUARE/90° PLUTO
* (31/01-DEC/JAN 2013/14 =        (MARS SQUARE/90° MERCURY)
* 03-JAN-2014 =                            MARS SQUARE/90° SUN
* 09-JAN-2014 =                            (MARS SQUARE/90° JUPITER)
* 17-JAN-2014 =                             MARS SQUARE/90° VENUS
* (JUPITER is going to do the SAME as MARS! As it did in AUG-2013...)
* 31-JAN-2014 =                            (JUPITER OPPOSITION/180° PLUTO)
* 26-FEB-2014 =                             (JUPITER SQUARE/90° URANUS)
* 01-MAR-2014 =                            MARS turns RETROGRADE!
* 03-MAR-2014 =                            MARS SQUARE/90° VENUS
* 06-MAR-2014 =                            (JUPITER turns DIRECT!)
* 09-APR-2014 =                             MARS OPPOSITION/180° SUN
* 15-APR-2014 =                            (PLUTO turns RETRO)
* 16-APR-2014 =                             MARS OPPOSITION/180° MERCURY
* 20-APR-2014 =                            (JUPITER SQUARE/90° URANUS)
* 21-APR-2014 =                            (JUPITER OPPOSITION/180° PLUTO)
* 22-APR-2014 =                            (URANUS SQUARE/90° PLUTO!)
* 23-APR-2014 =                             MARS SQUARE/90° JUPITER
* DITTO           =                             MARS OPPOSITION/180°URANUS
* DITTO           =                             MARS SQUARE/90° PLUTO
* 11-MAY-2014 =                            MARS OPPOSITION/180° VENUS
* 20-MAY-2014 =                            MARS turns DIRECT
* 14-JUN-2014 =                            MARS SQUARE/90° PLUTO
* 25-JUN-2014 =                            MARS OPPOSITION/180° URANUS

(Dates who are VERY LIKELY to become 'especially spicy' are marked with a yellow background...)

- It might then still go on til middle (13-15) of JULY 2014; because of the SUN activating the URANUS-PLUTO Square or even up to 26-JULY-2014 because of another MARS-SUN Square...

THAT was the TEXT - now come the PIX, for the people who remember/learn better in a GRAPHICAL way - as I do for an example... ☺

The URANUS-PLUTO Square/90° in 2014
(exact in APR and DEC 2014 - but will be of influence the WHOLE YEAR...)

The URANUS-PLUTO Square/90° in 2014 - activated by JUPITER
Jupiter will activate the Square between Uranus & Pluto from Middel of JAN-2014 to the End of APR 2014... 

The URANUS-PLUTO (and JUPITER) Square/90° of 2014 activated by 'Hothead' MARS...

The URANUS-PLUTO Square of 2014 activated by JUPITER and 'Hothead MARS' and 'His Highness the SUN'... 


- So, you see: The URANUS-PLUTO Square/90° will be highly likley MORE DOMINANT than it was in the year of 2013...

And another FACT is, that MARS in LIBRA will be VERY IMPORTANT for the following countries:

  • U.S.A! (having SATURN in LIBRA and squaring it's SUN in CANCER and having VENUS & JUPITER there also...)
  • CHINA! (having a SUN-MERCURY-NEPTUNE Conjunction in LIBRA squaring URANUS in CANCER and opposing the NODE in ARIES...)
  • FRANCE! (having VENUS and a SUN-MERCURY Conjunction in LIBRA...)
  • UK! (having LIBRA RISING and URANUS also there, having the SUN in CAPRICORN and the MOON in CANCER...)
  • BURMA! (having NEPTUNE and MOON in LIBRA squaring it's SUN-MERCURY Conjunction in CAPRICORN) 
  • E.U.! (having LIBRA rising and a SUN-VENUS-MERCURY Conjunction in ARIES...)
  • GEORGIA! (having MARS in CANCER and MC in ARIES...)
  • EGYPT! (having MARS in CANCER...)
  • HUNGARY! (having it's RISING SIGN in CAPRICORN, together with URANUS, SATURN and NEPTUNE opposing JUPITER in CANCER and having a MERCURY-MARS Conjunction in LIBRA...)
  • also: CANADA!,
  • INDIA!,
  • IRAN!,
  • LIBYA!,
  • TURKEY!,
  • SPAIN!
  • (and possibly SWITZERLAND and TIBET?)

REMARK: I was looking ONLY for countries who have their ^personal points' (SUN. MOON, RISING SIGN, MIDHEAVEN) or MARS in LIBRA or ARIES or CANCER or CAPRICORN!

(With SOME countries 'a Mars-Phase' is going to start immediately, while with others it might take it's time until APR-MAY-JUNE. That's dependant on the POSITIONS of the planets of the countries I mentioned. I'll try to keep you informed about the ACTUAL time/dates for - some - countries...)  

- Some more countries might follow at the end of the year... (I might have overlooked some...) ☺

... So - NOW the MARS-IN-LIBRA phase STARTS and will not end before 26-JUl-2014.
It will be highly likely 'explosive' from middle of DEC-2013 to the end of JUN-2014 - although not all the time with the same amount of power, actuality and activity.

I will always (try to) keep you informed!

Have a nice weekend!

Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)



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