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S+P World News - Forecast DECEMBER 2013 (Part 2 in ENGLISH!)


First Part please go here: Forecast DECEMBER 2013

A sneak peek into the coming year of 2014

The stressful Mars-Pluto Square/90° and the stressful Sun-Mars Square/90° will be highly likely of influence til 10-JAN-2014 – although BOTH Planets (Sund & Mars) will come also into aspect to ‚LORD LUCKY‘ = JUPITER.

(The Mars-Pluto Square will be exact at Silvester/Newyear and the Sun-Mars Square on 03-JAN-2014)

It could become quieter from 08/10-JAN-2014 on until around 20/22-JAN.
(So these are about 14 days…)

But from then on JUPITER will come into ‚stressful‘ combination to the ‚turbulent‘ URANUS-PLUTO Square and this for SEVERAL MONTHS… (We had the first one of these combinations in AUGUST 2013)
Actually this JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T- Square will last from around 20-JAN til END of APR-2014 – these are a FULL 3 MONTHS of quite possible ‚SUSPENSE‘!

These 3 Months are highly likely also the MOST suspenseful ones of the whole year 2014. 
It is also likely that the year 2014 will have a LOT to do with the USA, because this will be the first time the URANUS-PLUTO Square will activate the SUN and SATURN of this country.

(Recap: Forecast for the USA from 2013 - 2016)

In the most extrem variation it’s possible that the WHOLE JANUARY 2014 will be ‚tenseful‘, because the SUN and MARS could trigger the JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO T-Square – meaning that the ‚T-Square-Suspense-Stuff‘ would be active 2-4 weeks earlier…

Since we know from Part 1, that from CHRISTMAS on Times should become rougher and tougher, that actually would mean that there would be a 4-MONTH (and NOT 3-month) period of SUSPENSE…

Well, we will see!
- Now let’s wait first for to see what will happen in DECEMBER 2013!


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Hope you enjoyed them!

(If I will find the time I will also do some GRAPHICAL EPHEMERIS for the whole year of 2014 – and probably also in a QUARTERLY MODE…)


Since 2011 I have correctly forecasted the FALL of Silvio BERLUSCONI (the italian dwarf-politician – do you remember him?) in this blog - now I will go for one of his best friends: VLADDY PUTIN!!

He will have A BAD HAIR POLITICIAN DAY starting from right now – beginning of DEC-2013 - to the END of 2020!

I must admit that this is slightly – a bit – MORE than ONE DAY… ☺

But he should indeed have a bad and heavy-going time for up to 7 years…

I wish my beloved homophobic Vladdy all the best!
(Which I mean indeed 100% the opposite way around…) ☺

(Somewhere in this ongoing December I hopefully can publish a more detailed post regarding VLADDY!...)

All the best!
Tibor Bugetty/FAC


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