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S+P Worldnews - NELSON MANDELA has DIED on 05-DEC-2013 around 20.50 local time (ZouthAfrica)

Nelson MANDELA has died on 05-DEC-2013 at 20.50 local time

(*18-JUL-1918 at 14h54m/02.54PM EET in Umtata/ZA) 

Unfortunately his birth data is rated DD (Dirty Data by Lois Rodden).
According to swiss website (the world's biggest and best astro-website who owns now also astrodata of Lois Rodden because no one in her homecountry - the US - was able to manage/finance it on...) the following usus was common in the 'nazi/apartheid'-times of South-Africa:

I quote/cite from

Source Notes

Frances McEvoy reported that her son and daughter-in-law spent a summer in South Africa with the Kennedy Foundation as lawyers. During an afternoon in the entourage of Mandela, they asked his birth time and were told "afternoon." Noel Tyl wrote in May/1994 that he rectified the afternoon time with extremely taxing detail to 2:54 PM, then shared his documentation with Rod Suskin, a well-known South African astrologer who responded with "a veritable catalogue of reinforcement for the time."

South African astrologer Anita Noyes-Smith has a friend in Mandela's office who checked for a time and found that there is no known time of birth. Umtata is a rural area and blacks had no birth certificates. Often, they did not even know the date as it was not valued as important.

(Formerly, Noel Tyl had speculated 8:45 AM, given in AFANews 1/1994. Daniela Schmuckli had a spec time of 12:45 PM in Astrolog 6/1996. Anita Noyes-Smith speculated 2:12 AM.)

So to put it short and blunt:
Since black people were not regarded as human beings they were not worth of the notification of a birth certificate and therefore it's not even sure if the DATE of Nelson MANDELA is actually correct... not to mention his birth-TIME.

Anyway: I will publish his natal-chart because I think a FREEDOM-FIGHTER who's got such a strong URANUS and such a strong JUPITER (both THE planets of freedom!) with aspects to the MOON/Square/90°, to the SUN/Quinkunx/150°, to MARS/Sesquisquare/135°and VENUS,JUPITER and PLUTO/Trine/120° (all from URANUS to those planets) his DATE can't be VERY wrong - and IF SO maybe only 1-2 days...
- I think that highly likely his DATE is therefore correct! 
(Mainly because of the MOON squaring Uranus - 1 day before or later, that would NOT have been the case...) 

Coming to his birth-TIME is more delicate:
BUT a RISING SIGN of SAGITTARIUS (THE sign of FREEDOM!) looks pretty suitable for a FREEDOM-FIGHTER, too... (and a very OPTIMISTIC one, too. Which he surely must have been, while staying in prison for 27 years!!! And as we know: Sagittarius is also the MOST OPTIMISTIC sign of our zodiac...)

Here his charts(s) are coming:

Nelson MANDELA's Natal Chart

Nelson MANDELA's Chart of his Death

I hope he's at a fine place now - wherever that might be!

Don't forget to check out my latest MONTHLY FORECAST (in english):

AND: Enjoy your life - we ALL don't know HOW L O N G IT WILL LAST! ☺

All the best - Tibor Bugetty/FAC (Fine Astrosoup Creator)


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